So pleased with the artwork for our coastal home

After we had seen Nancy's work in a gallery and met her at the Sea Pines farmer's market, we decided she was the right artist to paint a larger piece for our coastal home. Nancy exceeded our expectations with her finished work. The muted colors and the feel of the piece lend the perfect finishing touch to our home. Nancy was fun to work with; she is patient and enthusiastic and listened carefully. Her love of painting, her energy and her zest for life clearly shows in her work. We will love this piece for many years to come and hope our children and grandchildren will do the same. piece for years to come. Thank you, Nancy!

This painting is sold

I am available after the new year  for commissions.

Summer Marsh       Oil            48 x 36 

This is my latest painting "Sea Pines Summer". I wanted to give the viewer a sense of  all the activity taking place. There is a cool breeze blowing, you can see it in the Palmetto fronds and the sea oats and Wildflowers. In the distance the Pelicans are flying in to fish for the day. After building their sandcastle brother and sister are jumping waves.

 Painting & Review            10/17/15

Oil                      36 X 48

       Hilton Head Island commissioned Oil Paintings

This is a previous commission for a client that wanted a Marsh scene with a focus on indigenous wildflowers.

             The process of creating a commission painting is a familiar process for me.

1. I start with the subject. Sometimes a client will have a particular location and or a photo that they would like me to work from. Other times they will ask for a type of scene such as a marsh and defer to me to come up with a design.

2. The next thing I do is look at the space where the painting is to hang. I like to see the colors already in the room so I can create a painting that will enhance the overall palette. If a visit is not possible I rely on colors chosen by the client from a universal Fandeck i.e. Sherwin Williams etc. If swatches are available they can be sent as well.

3.The next step is choosing a size. The canvas can be a standard ex. 36 x 48 or I can create a custom size to fit an architectural niche, or for over a fireplace etc.

4. I then create a sample to scale. For a painting 36 x 48 I would do a sample 6 x 8. This is where any changes to color or composition can be addressed. If there are changes I make them to the sample and re- submit them to the client.

5.This sample allows me to gage the amount of detail and I price the painting accordingly.

6. I now have a working template on which to base the larger original. At this time should the client not wish to commission the painting I ask to be paid a design fee of $100. I retain the sample.

7. The client and I agree on a deadline based on their needs and my schedule. A deposit of 30% for materials is given at this time.

8. I complete the painting and deliver to the home - if local. If the client is out of town I will e-mail a photo before shipping and wait for approval.

9. The shipping is the responsibility of the client.

10.I am paid the remaining 70 %. Should the client be unhappy with the painting for any reason I will refund the deposit minus 100. for the design fee. Return shipping is the responsibility of the client. I am happy to say this has never occurred, but I find it reassuring for both parties to have a policy in place. I want my clients to love the final painting, and I would not be satisfied with anything less.

Hilton Head Island Commissioned Oil Paintings by Nancy Mitchell